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Fees, Rules, Applications

Age Divisions

                                                                                             Teeny Miss      2 to 3 years

Tiny Miss        4 to 6 years

Little Miss       7 to 9 years

Junior Miss     10-12 years

Teen Miss       13-16 years

Miss                  17-23 Years


Annual Miss Florida Forestry Pageant State Scholarship Pageant

The Miss and Teen are judged 50% interview, 25% public speaking, and 25% evening gown competition. All other divisions are judged a 1 to 10 on Personality, Beauty, Poise, Gown, and Overall Appearance. No pageant experience is necessary to compete in the Miss Florida Forestry Pageant. The Miss Florida Forestry Queens will travel the State of Florida for one year in promoting  the Florida Forestry Industry.

Queens are eligible for scholarship money, an official Miss Florida Forestry crown, state banner, crowning pin, monogrammed robes, roses, trophy and surprise gifts.

Queen will serve as the Ambassador for Florida Forestry in promoting the Forestry Commodity for the upcoming year. There will be a winner and four runner-ups named in each division.

All queens: receive monetary prizes as well as nice gifts.

Scholarship money will be awarded at the end of their reign.

All contestants competing in the Florida Forestry Pageant will be eligible to advance to the  National Forestry Pageant Labor Day weekend in Georgia, however only the queens will receive their entry fees paid.



Entry Fees

Tiny- Junior Divisions $125.00 plus 4 $25.00 good luck ads

Teen Miss $150.00 plus 4 $25.00 good luck ads and $20.00 T-shirt (Mandatory) T-shirts will be worn in the interview.

Miss  $175.00 plus 4 $25.00 good luck ads

Optional Photogenic.- $25.00 per picture -one winner named per division

Optional Prettiest Dress: $25.00 one winner named per division

Optional Prettiest Smile: $25.00 one winner named per division

Optional Miss Florida Forestry Hospitality:
Sell the most ads above the mandatory 4-$25.00 ads and win Miss Hospitality.

The Miss receives her motel expenses paid to travel in promoting Forestry for the upcoming year.

Mail along with application and check payable to . . .

Miss Florida Forestry Pageant
P.O. Box 790

Sumner, GA 31789

To enter or have the queens at your event you may call . . .
229-776-0924/ 229-395-1318 or 229-776-6250 or email




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