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Miss Florida Forestry Pageant

Check off Sheet and Signed Rules & Regulations Form

--------- Signed Rules and Regulations Form

--------- Complete Entry form
(only sheets provided - you may not add additional pages to the entry form) Teen and Miss Please send original typed with 5 copies for the judges

--------- Correct Entry Fees

--------- Wallet photo, color or black and white with name on back for the program book

--------- 4, $25.00 ads, with checks and business cards or write down what you want the ad to say (Mandatory)along with camera ready page-bold black and white- CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE LAYOUT

--------- Copy of your birth certificate

--------- If you entered the photogenic competition, did you enclose picture

--------- T-shirt is $15.00 for Youth and $20.00 for adult Teeny, Tiny, Little, and junior. Please state size Youth or Adult S, M, L, XL

--------- T-shirt is $20.00 for Teen and Miss Mandatory.

Please state size
Small ---------
Medium ---------
Large ---------

Child ---------
Adult ---------

If entering Miss Hospitality did you enclose ads and checks

Please check categories entering:
Hospitality ---------
People's Choice----------
Prettiest Dress ---------
Prettiest Smile ---------
Photogenic ---------
Best Personality ---------
Total Paid ---------
Name ---------
Division ---------
County Representing ---------

Contestants agree to hold harmless the Florida Forestry Pageant  and the facilities used during all phases of the pageant from damages incurred through loss, theft, or injury caused by or during her participation in the pageant or related activities. Any and all scholarships will be paid at the end of a queen or runner-up's reign, provided she has successfully completed her term, and complied with all MFFPA's rules and regulations. Should it be determined that a current winner or runner up is not in compliance with the rules and regulations, her title will he forfeited, along with any and all awards and scholarships. In this case, the person in the position directly below her will be raised up one position, and will assume those responsibilities, as well as those awards and scholarships. The lowest position will then become open and will remain that way until the next pageant. I give permission for the Florida Forestry Pageant  to us my daughter's picture for publicity purposes. I hereby acknowledge that I have read the official rules and regulations of the Florida Forestry Pageant and that I will comply with them in every way, and that the personal data that I have submitted is true and correct. Please sign below.


Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian


Signature of Contestant